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Dr. David Etheridge was born in Evanston, Illinois. He graduated from Colorado College and the U. of Illinois Veterinary College.

Dr. Catherine Sinnott was born in Toronto, Canada and graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph. She completed a Small Animal Medical and Surgical Internship at the U. of Illinois Veterinary College.

Drs. Etheridge and Sinnott met at the University of Illinois in 1977, married in Winnetka in 1978, and moved to Woodstock in 1982 with their first of four children, Carrie, to begin their many years of veterinary practice at the Woodstock Animal Hospital. 

Both doctors hold veterinary licenses in Illinois and Wisconsin.

Dr. Etheridge and Dr. Sinnott have a large family- 2 dogs, Taffy and Maya, a cat, Whinney, 2 goats, Mr. Terry and Pedro, 3 tortoises, chickens….and 4 children and 10 grandchildren!!  

Woodstock Animal Hospital employs and has employed many wonderful people over the last decades.

Seasonally we are fortunate to have students and part-time people join our team of animal lovers.

We are proud to have mentored many young people interested in veterinary medicine.

Some have become veterinarians. Many have studied other worthwhile pursuits leading to careers in medicine, pharmacy, teaching and public health, among others. 

We have spent time with many middle school students interested in the veterinary field.

And we have enjoyed visits with Girl Scout troops, school classes, and summer recreation groups.

Dr. Sinnott helped with 4-H judging at the McHenry County Fair and also worked with the County Health Department for several years.

Dr. Etheridge coached boys’ and girls’ basketball, girls’ softball, church volleyball and softball.

Woodstock Animal Hospital has sponsored local youth sports teams and supports local charitable fundraising such as that for the Rotary Christmas Clearing House, Care4 Breast Cancer, Sarah McCullagh scholarship, and Stuff the Stocking for Zach Brokaw.

There was even a soccer field, Etheridge Field, behind the Woodstock Animal Hospital for several years where boys and girls practiced and competed. The Woodstock and area community has been good to the Etheridge family as they have raised their four children here and enjoyed and supported the community.

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